passy is a jQuery plugin to rate and generate passwords.

generate ...
var $input = $( '#input' );
var $output = $( '#output' );

$.passy.requirements.length.min = 4;

var feedback = [
    { color: '#c00', text: 'poor' },
    { color: '#c80', text: 'okay' },
    { color: '#0c0', text: 'good' },
    { color: '#0c0', text: 'fabulous!' }

$input.passy(function(strength, valid) {
        $output.css('background-color', feedback[strength].color);

        if( valid ) $input.css(' border-color', 'green' );
        else $input.css( 'border-color', 'red' );

$('#generate').click(function() {
    $input.passy( 'generate', 8 );




Basic usage

$( field ).passy(function( strength, valid ) {
    // Do stuff

$( field ).passy( 'generate', length );


Property Default Description
A list of patterns passwords should avoid
(case insensitive)
    medium: 16,
    high: 22,
    extreme: 36
The minimum scores requires to be categorized
    characters: passy.character.DIGIT |
                passy.character.LOWERCASE |
    length: {
        min: 6,
        max: Infinity
The requirements which makes a password valid
$.passy.dictionary [] A collection of words passwords should avoid
(case insensitive)

Utility functions

Just in case you need 'em, I made utility functions!

Method Returns Description
$.passy.analize( password ) Password strength
(see Constants)
Get the quality of a password
$.passy.analizeCharacter( character ) 1-5 Get the quality of a single character
$.passy.analizePatterns( password ) < 0 Get the score based on pattern matching
$.passy.analizePattern( password, pattern ) > 0 Get the quality of a password based on one pattern
$.passy.analizeScore( score ) Password strength
(see Constants)
Turns a score to a password result
$.passy.contains( string, chartype ) true / false Checks if the string contains a chartype
(see Constants)
$.passy.generate( length ) A password Generate a password
$.passy.valid( string ) true / false Checks if a string is a valid password
based on $.passy.requirements


Constant Description
$.passy.strength.LOW Low quality password
$.passy.strength.MEDIUM Medium quality password
$.passy.strength.HIGH High quality password
$.passy.strength.EXTREME Very high quality password
Constant Description
$.passy.character.DIGIT A digit character (used in $.passy.contains())
$.passy.character.LOWERCASE A lowercase character (used in $.passy.contains())
$.passy.character.UPPERCASE An uppercase character (used in $.passy.contains())
$.passy.character.PUNCTUATION A punctuation character (used in $.passy.contains())